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(c) Raphaela Rosella

Well done to Raphaela Rosella for her inclusion in the JoopS Masterclass at WPP.

She’s a ripper of a snapper and making waves all over.

Good spot to find her work is at Oculi or over on her own website.

(c) Adam Magyar

People do all sorts of funny things with technology… unfortunately often it is simply an exercise in proving something can be done rather than using the funky Frankenstein monster to do something interesting.

Well…. Adam Magyar has done something very very very interesting. In fact reading about his efforts in building/pimping this thing (and then seeing what it actually does in his hands) makes me sit back and applaud.

The long pictures of the trains ripping by are something else… absurd that he can make it work… and the code/software highjinks to do it makes my head hurt… and yes a dude walking around with a backpack that has wires hanging out of it would spark a little interest…

So well done to Magyar… hats off and clapping indeed for the effort and importantly for the pictures. Love it. Look forward to seeing a print in person someday.

Check it here.

And his website:

Yangon War Cemetary

Fred and hose

Well it’s been awful quiet on the ol’ KP feed… and no real excuses from the lazy elves (they shall receive their punishment in good time)…

We’ve all bumbled our way through our first Thingyan (Myanmar new year / water festival) and had a bit of fun through out… plenty of soaked walks about and lots of random dance music accompanied by relentless laughter.

Good times.

Getting ready to roll out of town for a little look-see soon… so will be good to stretch the legs and scratch about. Updates to come.