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I have a good number of years of more or less compulsive photography; I am devoted to it, and I still get a great deal of excitement out of looking at things and getting them the way I want. However, you won’t find me overly intellectual about what we are all interested in doing.

I work rather blindly, and I don’t think an awful lot about what I am doing. I have a theory that seems to work with me that some of the best things you ever do sort of come through you. You don’t know where you get the impetus and the response to what is before your eyes, but you are using your eyes all the time and teaching yourself unconsciously really from morning to night.

There are several tenants that go with this craft of ours. One of them is that the real gift and value in a picture is really not a thought; it is a sensation that is based on a feeling. You have to unpeel that before you can really get hot and get going and not be afraid of feeling.

We are overly literary, really, although I am very much drawn to literature; but I cannot recommend that as an approach, and I keep trying to tear it down because words are abstract things, and feeling in a sense has been abstracted from them. However, feeling remains in the action of producing pictures. Although photography is more descriptive than music, it is still not a story. Although I have a feeling that much of my work is literary – or is done by a literate man because I read a great deal – it is still a way from abstract thought into… feelings abstracted from reality.

Walker Evans

30/12/05 Camp Slayer Baghdad #17

From what I hear pictures went up again last night… must be good times over in France (ha! From the guy who’s never been near Western Europe… how in hell would I know?!).

And it seems Perpignan has (at times) a very difficult and strained relationship with itself…

Still pictures pictures so we should be excited and happy and hand-clapping.

© Lee Grant

Fred and Jake

I have had what I can only regard as a few (brief) moments of clarity in the last few months (they were perhaps just minor strokes). Points at which I have had many things stripped from my vision and I have had a chance to properly consider what I hold important and central to my current existence. Various current efforts and undertakings have become far more ‘simple’ – whether this can be considered positive is for time and others to properly judge… for me at this point it is most important to simply continue.

The joy so easily seen on Freddy’s face last Sunday must be a point from which I can again wipe my eyes open and look.

(c) Christoph Bangert

Bangert has been showing old school slides up on walls at night during the Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan (France).

There are a few dozen of my Camp Slayer pictures in amongst it (given the years gone since the commencement etc)… anyhoo I wonder what they looked like splashed across the side of a building seeing they’re such little things…

It kicked off last night while we were asleep here on the East Coast of Oz.

Journal 20130905 World Champions - Aussie (Masters) Mens  Team

Last weekend all the Canberra Crew jumped with joy as we found out that our own John Bridley won gold at the Underwater Hockey World Championships in Hungary. John was playing as a member of the Australian Men’s Masters Team.

So while the efforts of the whole Australian Squad should be applauded (for they were brilliant) this is a little entry focused on throwing out a R-E-S-P-E-C-T to one of the people who has taught me so much about this crazy game.

Well done John – you should be proud.