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Fred at the dentist

Many people avoid the dentist – the association of immediate pain, ongoing discomfort, huge bills and a stern lecture about flossing generally keep plenty of us at arms length…

… but for some it’s just exciting to wear the cool glasses and sit in a big red chair.

Journal 20130829 Dorchester Days - (c) Eugene Richards

Isn’t it just mind-boggling to recognize such deeply felt division… to suddenly pause and let the breathe pour out… and your legs go limp and the pain in your elbow just starts to make your chosen spot too uncomfortable and you’re forced to move on – to flee rather than fight, to jump back when you accidently lean against the pan sitting on top of the stove.

Journal 20130828 Conroy ACP Woodhouse - (c) Rowan Conroy

Rowan Conroy is showing the Woodhouse Rephotography Project at the ACP… it opens this weekend and you’ll all have the wonderful chance to stand in front of these pictures… to walk the bridge between the two photographers and their approach… to marvel at how place and effort have brought the two people together.

It’s amazing to see the working effort of someone build through years and years of sustained commitment and practice. It is a joy to watch – and something that is all too often quickly glossed over as it is expected rather than celebrated. So let’s all take a little time out to pause and consider an effort by someone we admire and sing at the top of our lungs about the  burning-red-hot-go that moved us down the road a touch and gave us something more to look at. The celebration is key (and truly Robert Adams cited the central thread in his glorious colleagues).

So Rowan’s wonderful pictures are going on the wall for a few months and KisimP will as always be applauding from afar, clapping like mad and throwing out some whistles and yelps to aid in the hysteria.

Get there.

Journal 20130826 Bowness 2013 - MGA

The finalists for Bowness 2013 have been announced!

As always the prize pulls together all sorts of things – a great opportunity to stare at different people’s efforts and follow them out in ever widening spirals to more pictures, more fascinating endevours, more more more.

So get moving… move move move and loooky look!

See this year’s finalists here.


All the whacky ways to ‘connect’ online… all the devices, the portals, the platforms, the hubs, the opportunities to share and the opportunities to comment… makes things like ol’ KP seem just a touch blasé and booooorrrrriiiniing…

But boohoo and too bad… coz Larry Towell’s scrapbook on pinterest is a lovely few minutes well spent…. even if it has gone awfully quiet (as these things often do).

You can easily check it from the General Store.

Journal 20130822 Sticks and Stones - (c) Lee Friedlander

Friedlander truly knocks me over… the fella has been so so busy over all the working decades… snapping… printing… making books… hanging shows and generally getting on with what he needs to do. A few of his many many books sit on the KP shelf and bring us great joy every time they fall down under our eyes… and really Sticks and Stones rocks out big-stylie time and shakes and wiggles and jives with his packed in lunacy and exploding force of effort and sight and cutting daylight.

Being so prolific it isn’t too difficult to lay your eyes on one of his efforts… books every where and regular shows along with an absurd amount of prints collected around the world by public and private undertakings.

It all brings KisimP joy, smiles; just tired hands clapping and a silent nod of the head as the pictures unroll in front of us.

Journal 20130818 The Distance Between Us - (c) Chris Cappy

Oh yes… a book is hopefully on its way… a book a book a book!

Cappy is making the thing and sending out sweet songs in an effort to ask for help in bringing this together in a solid publication.

So if you think it’s worth it (we do here) and you have some spare coin then it’s a good opportunity to see this through to the printed page in its own right.

The kickstarter project is here.

Ol’ KisimP has referred to Mr Towell and his marvelous pictures in the past… but as always ‘familiarity’ gets you into dangerous territory where you have some sort of version of it tucked away in your head and belly… it can be a dumbed down and poor version of what can be seen and touched directly.

The Mennonites is the project that he was told to stop (and he admits he would probably still be on it if the intervention had not occurred). And it’s a beautiful little book that I went back to recently after the better part of a year of not really looking at it… not looking at it properly… not holding the thing in my lap and soaking up some of the packed in huge photographs (there are some things in there that truly floor me). So now I have and I smile and grin and dance a dance and rush back to it and wipe the sweat off my brow and turn the page and gasp and grin again and jump up and down and sing out with a little ecstasy and fall back into my chair with little energy left and rest and rest before the next opportunity to marvel at his effort.

And as I sit in that damaged chair I can quietly consider the glorious print hanging on the wall… the glowing triangle and amputated edges… the pavement and the wet stain… oh oh pictures can truly make us swoon if we just give them that little bit of space.


For all of you for whom the written effort pours out without too much pain… count your blessings, thank your lucky stars and know that the Lotto ain’t coming your way because you’ve cashed already.

Oh for a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters and the time to let them write this son of a b!tch…

It’s nearly 1:30am and I’m sitting here watching Gibney’s documentary… when someone describes their torture with sign language you have no place to hide.

None at all.

It hits hard and doesn’t let up. Arguments about approach, bias and an agenda simply fall by the wayside in light of the magnitude of what is examined (let alone claimed).

Look at that curly hound tail.

Look at those ears and those trees and that muscular arched back and the pond edge that lays a black line through the middle… marvel at the magic magic simplicity of it all and of the clarity and the confusion and the stripped graphic nature of it and the endless discoveries to be made… the contradictions and the harmony… the chaotic balance and glory tipping under its own weight.

I throw my arms in the air and rejoice and squeal and jump with delight having stared at it and spent a quiet hour just spinning my eyes around it over and over and over and over.


A lot… a whole lot to be learned from the little ones at times… maybe sometimes we just got to put our feet up a little and recharge in preparation for the whirlwind to come.

So here’s hoping you all manage to find a little space to throw your sneakers up and close the lids for a rest before blowing the doors off.

As any of the three or four readers here at KP would know… Ben Bohane is an important point of reference for me.

I hardly (if at all) know him but his pictures have at times sent me out into days of excitement, consideration, introspection and a purge of excess to seek the core of simplicity and direct experience.

So it is great to know that an amount of coin has been raised though the remarkably popular crowdsourcing model to support the publication of a book containing slab upon slab of his photographs… count me as a punter who will be lining up to stick a copy on the shelf (after it spends a large period of time cradled in my hands with my eyes burning the pages with delight).

There are a few places where you can try to track him down… but the two easiest at present are: