Monthly Archives: November 2012

Well well well… KP has finally emerged from the sandstorm (maybe)… and there is plenty of catch-up to be doing…

KP’s Beurau Chief along with Piggle the Stringer ventured forth over a week ago to attend the opening of Ingvar Kenne’s show at the NPG… and we loved every minute.

Many of the pictures are familiar…. but the double hang in the small space, the warm and well paced Q&A with the photographer and the relaxed book signing and drinks simply made it an event that went well… it simply worked. No pomp, just pictures.

The new book is a cracker and will make it to the KP shelf sometime soon (oh our budget has been slashed with various GFC considerations and looming “sky-is-falling” predictions) and it will be treasured. There are a glorious range of pictures in there and they comfortably swing from off the cuff pictures made by Kenne for his own reasons all the way through to commissioned pieces… it holds together across the board.

So we can only encourage people to get to the National Portrait Gallery and enjoy the snaps, to open your wallets and buy the book, to marvel in pictures and prints and pages and people staring back at ya.

Hat’s off to the shooter and his efforts. Hat’s off.

Poor old KP has been unnecessarily quiet for the last few weeks… much has happened in that time… many things to reflect on and consider… many things to occupy time and use as excuses… but really the KP elves have just gotta get back on the press and start printing tomorrows headline…

… so stay tuned for some nonsensical and unneeded entries in the near future.