Monthly Archives: June 2012

Well the entry of a week ago seemed to set me up for near five days of pain…

Enjoyed the 60th bday celebrations with dad, saw rellos from FNQ and then rolled home late Sunday night.

Monday was great… and then down with a dizzying pain through my head and aches, coughing, lethargy and general “poor me” syndrome. This year has been a right bastard – I’m usually the one sailing through without a sniffle and yet 2012 has been marked with the cold turn in Canberra and me down for the count.

Doctor had a look and figured out inner ear infections on both sides… so strong drugs and time are the cure. Our whole household has been riddled with coughs, dirty eyes, aches and cus for the week… poor us maybe. Finally… today… started getting far better and more comfortable!

But no rest for the wicked… I managed to drive the tip of a 5inch screw into the very end of my finger (dumbest thing I’ve done in a long time – the moments as you squirm changing the drill to ‘reverse’ to remove it from said digit are a rather amusing second or two) and generally had a great time banging things together and continuing the process of creating something for myself. Excited and exciting. I’m the single worst DIY handyman out there but at times I seem to really enjoy parts of it.

So whatever you’re making out there… enjoy.