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The Aftermath Project has launched some exciting online stuff!

They’ve been beavering away with Facing History and Ourselves on a public resource for peeps to use… full of pictures and info for us. Solid solid solid work by some talented photographers who have been recognised over the years by The Aftermath… it is all there at our electronic fingertips.

A fantastic initiative and hopefully leveraged by many people and educators.

They’ve also launched an iPad App of the new book… all extended and interactive… if Apple is your thing then type “Aftermath 4” into iTunes, drop your $8.99 on it and ENJOY!

The new issue of TimeMachineMag has landed… Elegy is the name and fantastic is da pictures!

Some of KisimP’s kink is well and truly fed and you’ll hopefully sit with us and find many hours of enjoyment ‘leafing’ through this issue.

 Elizabeth Heyert’s memorial portraits are magnificent and speak to any number of enquiry lines… let alone historical movements through the lens-based industry.

This series began in 2003, after I heard about the Southern Baptist tradition of elaborately dressing corpses for burial in a gorgeous preparation ritual for greeting life after death. I began to wonder what would happen if the beautifully coiffed and adorned bodies were abstracted from the context of a funeral and the trappings of a memorial service. Would it be possible to create a moving and emotional portrait of an individual after death?  Would the portrait be true, or an idealized one, in much the same way that the Egyptians generated embellished images for the afterlife? Given an abstract context, could a photographic memento mori explore the complexities of character of the person being photographed as a traditional portrait often does?

Big respect to the Time Machine Team… clapping hands and looking forward to more!

Shane Lavalette has put out a call for support with putting together the finishing touches to a commission for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta… he’s got his first book in the works and is lookin to get it just right with our help.

The broad and at times heated conversations about crowdfunding and appropriate interaction with the donors are put to one side for this entry… for it is more important for KisimP to point to Shane’s pictures and projects. We’ve pointed to his Lay Flat efforts any number of times on the twittles and have for many years been keenly interested in Lightwork (and for some time subscribed to ContactSheet before $ got too tight). He’s neck deep in good work, efforts and projects.

He’s young, full of beans, unstoppable and always seems to be in good company through group shows and publications. To consistently pop up with Mosse and a few others means you’re on the right road (whatever ‘right’ may be).

So get the f*ck out of here and roll on over to Lavalette’s site… have a snoop around and enjoy! You’ll be busy.

There are some crushing, soul destroying portraits over on ASX from the Tuol Sleng Prison in Cambodia. Makes you gag just looking at these people staring back out at ya.

And then you ask the questions about the idea of documenting this ‘action’… the concept of the trophy rattles in my head, the keep sake for the administration…

Enough to put the shivers up my spine twenty times over.

The Kurdish and Shi’ite sites that I was around were a very different set-up… bound and blindfolded, marched down into bulldozer carved pits wearing all their clothes and carrying jewellery, money, ID… they were hidden, disappeared, out in the middle of nowhere…

Anyway… if you have the time (for to simply glance and move on is possibly a mistake) then I encourage a few quiet moments spent simply looking at these people.

See them here.

We all do it… something goes ‘crunch’, you get that sinking-knot-in-the-gut -feeling and then you chase your tail forever getting the machine under the nose of the right person (for the wrong person ends up costing you coin, time and tears… oh man what a lesson… ).

So my little snapper flies off (again) to the other side of the world… hopefully to be finally given the treatment it deserves… to eventually land back in my hands cranking smooth and accurate (enough).

Until then… I wait.

Adam Jones put this together (along with just about all their videos and visual material)… suffice to say these 4 (nope… let’s call em 5 coz Paul made significant contributions to those first three wild albums) rock my world every time.


From the Album Undertow… that second marching track… you all know it.


KP spoke about Trubridge’s 101m no fins dive a while back… well if you never bothered to look it up… just press play… the dude swims below 100m holding his breath… no fins, no dropping of ballast, no hauling up and down a line… freak… a joy (a jaw-dropping-joy) to watch!

Stieglitz… a giant figure in Modernism and the last 120 years of photography… for many many reasons.

So we’re just embedding this little docco (well… near 90minutes, so strap yourself in nice and comfy) for peeps to take what they will and leave what they want.

Of course the dozen (or more) peeps who came down with this dreaded plague can only lead to one thing… the little wiggler getting all vommy, hot, bothered and lethargic to the point of just curling up and sooking without a sound…

Poor little tacka. Docs looked him over to make sure his lungs were clear… and figured out it’s a virus of some sort and recommended that we just let it play out (unless things go real bad).

Poor little monkey!

Been bedridden for the last two days… feeling like hell. Massive fever, headaches, muscle pain, difficult to stand for too long… almost like the ol’ malaria hysteria… but different again. Two dooners, 4 blankets, thermals and I still felt cold.

I’ve heard along the grapevine that a number of people from a family get-together last weekend have also been struck down pretty heavily.

So I deny (this time) that it is just a ‘man cold’…


Lynch, Parr… Eggleston himself in what could be considered some of his more candid moments… definitely worth ten minutes of your time to sneak a peak and enjoy.

Disappearing offline till next week… outlaw wedding, celebrations to enjoy and friends to see!

So rather than just go dead-boring-quiet we thought we’d do the next laziest thing and point you all to the wonderful ASX.Tv channel… days and days of clicking, watching, listening and marvelling at pictures and snappaholics.

The pic above will send you over to the Aussie section…. but the main page will get you out to all the other wild stylie stuff.

He’s at times aggressive and wonderfully compulsive – Parke can be a monster and we’re all better because of his drive and relentless efforts.