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It’s been deathly quiet here on KP – apologies to all the readers (yep, all two of ya).

Suffice to say there’s been a lot happening at KP headquarters – we’ve been sandbagging to stop the floodwaters from coming through our basement window and ensuring the roof is nailed down to stop the next cyclone from taking the lot.

But right now it’s just a 30sec spot to state that our stupid, ridiculous leader is growing a ‘tache for Movember. It’ll get ugly – quick.

So get on over and fling a little spare change at it. No attempts or expectations of breaking any records or making impressive targets, just looking for that couch money (you know, you go looking for keys/remote/child and find a coin or five…).

Find the idiot over at Movember here

And of course I would be lax if I did not devote space to the reprints of Gypsies and Subway now that they are here in my little cave. It would be wrong to not take the time to quietly type a few thoughts and chuck them out into the cold, windswept www.

Koudelka’s Gypsies is truly stunning. We’ve all grabbed copies from friends in the past, run with them to the corner and stared in wonder at the work he did prior to the life changing Prague68 pictures. This reprint is not a lush, glossy, ‘update’. They’ve stayed with a wonderfully tactile matte paper stock, something that your fingers rub across as you slide through the pictures, staring wide eyed at what Koudelka did wielding a new (at the time) wide angle lens and a pocket full of film. It is just mind-boggling; truly stunning. I am better to have this book close by. Sean Davey’s heckling about how affordable the new edition is (and how it is almost negligence not to have ‘a’ copy of the tome on your shelf) pretty much ensured that it arrived ASAP.

Davidson’s Subway is a different animal. Glossy, rich flash blasted colour housed with three wonderful slabs of text – including the opening salvo by Fab 5 Freddy. Brilliant. It is a marvellous size book, planty large enough while still being something that will sit in your lap without being ungainly. The repro’s have been faithful to the palette Davidson was working in – Spiro has been lucky enough to see the dye transfer exhibition prints of the work (made by the famous Guy and Irene Stricherz), and his excited description of the gorgeous pictures hanging on the wall makes it a crime for anyone within striking distance of the present hanging in NYC at present not to attend!

I am better for having these two books close by, within reach.

Stuart Woodman from ++GoodBooks sent me the whole stable of publications last week (after I paid – just in case someone thinks anyone would be silly enough to send me something for free). Landed on my door a day or two ago… and I’ve been snooping through them ever since.

Love it. They’re little things (Abstract Polaroids is tiny, unbelievably small… delicate and jewel-like, you open it gently with care). Louis Porter’s other effort Unknown Land is in there amongst them. Fantastic. And the 30 book is growing on me minute by minute. Magic magic magic.

I’m working through the four books – and it is without doubt that ++Good treats each book as an absolute object in of itself. They are not rolling them out on a production line, they are not running to some sort of formula or ‘standard’ – they’re just addressing the pictures and finding the repro and finish of choice.

These books are accessible, affordable and worthwhile.

And now KP sinks into the horizon as it’s Friday night and there’s pictures to make, a mound of crap to file, a bunch of boxes to move and a little relaxing to do.

Not ashamed to admit that I follow @clintonduncan on twitter… and it pays off with links and references to a thousand things I don’t understand or comprehend (but if I’m smart I have a proper look to try and get a little ‘distance education’).

Well today there was a cracker, an absolute killer, and I celebrate it with a big grin and a giggle – this is not the usual stuff that goes through… it just seemed to catch my eye…

Blackboards in Porn is a blog that is (and I quote): “Celebrating pornographers who go the extra mile when set dressing classroom porn and actually write something on the blackboard. What do they write, and is it correct?”


It’s safe for work, so don’t worry about clicking on the link (well, caution is always advised…). Seeing it’s Friday night you’ve got the weekend to have a look without worry of sirens sounding in the IT department of your big box employer.

Been quiet here on KisimP… just been cruising, stayin busy and trying to ‘get on with it’ (of course with a few set-backs and a need to re-evaluate a few things).

But amongst all that monotony yesterday afternoon threw out a beauty… I got called in to help carry a cubby house into a friend’s backyard.

So there the work crew assembled, soft of hand and weak of arm, and we sweated, stumbled and groaned as the little house nestled onto its new posts.

And all the adults there stood back and instantly wanted to either build their own or climb straight into this one… do we ever grow out of cubby houses?

I stop by John Vink’s site pretty regularly. Curiosity takes me there.

His news page is a wonderful blog of little single pictures, updates, news and finds from the archive.

When I’ve dropped the ball and not been over for a little while I usually get a kick in the bum from the twitter feed when his handle pops up and off I go for some fantastic pictures from the Bodge.


This is my third entry (in a row) that is useful, points to something interesting, points to something filled with photography, doesn’t waste everyone’s time and doesn’t contribute to the continual dumbing down of the human race (as opposed to my usual dribble or pictures). I deserve a fucking medal.

LPV magazine is online and available as an object to hold in your hand (yep… paper… sweeeeeeet).

The guy that put this together has a finger in just about every pie out there… breaking heads and taking names.

The archive (hit ‘browse’ in the menu) gives plenty of reason to reach out for the hard copy version!

So of course I’m over surfing on Colberg’s blog Conscientious after scratching around in the garden since Friday (and usually I don’t need the excuse to be over there looking at this great vein of FANTASTIC). For all not hooked in – well, don’t hesitate, pause, stop or put it off… just get over there.

Sitting, reading, looking… and up pops his link to Sean Dunne’s American Juggalo. So of course I click on it and away we go!

Honestly, put aside the required 25 minutes and press play. Killer. Head shaking/banal/fantastic. When you want to hit fast forward – just stop! – sit back and keep watching – don’t let a little cringe force your finger to the mouse button.

“Such art photography – and let’s face it, making images of life as it happens, lays at the very core of the medium – is regrettably viewed with suspicion in the art world. Misunderstood as a collection of lucky moments, fortuitous observations, or simply ‘documentary’, it has been bypassed or overlooked by many curators, writers and collectors who muddle it up with photojournalism, and are attuned mostly to assessing what the artist created. Jeff Wall, (who is deeply indebted to photography from this era, and Winogrand in particular) is accepted because he manufactures every scene, incident and gesture, so that way of working is embraced. But artist photographers like Papageorge, Arbus, Eggleston, or Frank, confuse the art world –what did they actually do, what did they actually create?

Once you get it, and thankfully enough of us do, you value this work beyond most any attempt to recreate the world as a Tableaux Vivant. My modest skills are inadequate here, but we can agree that these artists worked directly from life, and they perceived the world with such a force of immediacy and vision that they were able to pierce the opaque threshold of the present. They worked with life there and then, and have brought that forward to us here and now, where we can begin to glimpse something of what they intended. In some ways perhaps that is in itself a partial, but astonishing, description of their contribution and creative act – nothing less than measuring and folding the cloth of time itself.

-Paul Graham (from Passing Through Eden – photographs of Tod Papageorge).

There is a magnificent, wonderful, life filled online ‘gallery/magazine/journal/archive’ that all should get on over to: The Great Leap Sideways

It is extraordinary; magic pictures, folios, bodies of work… yes! If you went there today (being 09 October 2011) the front page will greet you with Eugene Richards, Atget and Evans, Robert Adams, Paul Klee… yes yes yes!

Now of course the hipsters will shrug their shoulders, blow their fringe out of the way and yawn at how ‘so not right now’ it all is… but that leaves just a little more space for some of us to slowly dig around and ogle at fantastic things, at confusing things, at wonderful commitments and momentary urges.

It’s all there, don’t waste your time reading this stupid journal… just click below three times and repeat after me: “there’s no place like home”…

And after pointing directly to the exciting little book Abstract Polaroids a few days ago it would be remiss of me not to give a big plug towards the whole stable of ++Good publications!

You’ll find Louis Porter’s work in there (yep – that dirty bastard that we now call our own) and some wonderful things that keep bookmaking fun and interesting.

Cruise on over for a dig around. It is always these little pathways that lead us to fascinating places and objects to be savoured.

After my fuck-up earlier today it’s best if I point to something fun that we can all enjoy.

So why not give a big thumbs up to Polarama (?!) – the free online magazine that celebrates the little self finishing prints that Polaroid invented years ago and that Fuji and The Impossible Project continue to produce.

Joy Joy Joy!

I don’t get into the whole Hipster movement that seems to have got behind the ‘revival’ of the process – rather I used to love working with the little prints, and so still enjoy looking at them whenever I can.

Cruise on over and hit download.