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Elevator. La Paz, 2009.

A full week planned. Working in the darkroom till I fall down.

Emmanuel and Sean

I’ve heard wonderful things from Melbourne, passed along the grapevine.

It sounds like the 8 Mile show at the Monash Gallery of Art is a HUGE success. There is a catalogue that accompanies the show that I’ve got to get my hands on. Heads will roll if they’re all gone…

Fantastic fantastic fantastic.

New years eve. La Paz, 2009.

It’s my journal and I’ll write what I like!

So happy birthday mum, 2010 is looking exciting, and no doubt the beach will find its name this year.

MGA website

I don’t care if I sound like a broken record.

Get off your chair, get on the bus/train/plane or in your car and head out to the Monash Gallery of Art to see the show 8 Mile: Photographs from the margins of Port Moresby that will be officially opened this Saturday at 3pm.

In a great addition, the artists’ talk is being held at 2pm, prior to the ribbon cutting, so a fantastic afternoon can be had in the excellent gallery space discussing the pictures with the photographers and the exceptional MGA crew.

Hopefully more to follow on this.

Camp Susan. June 2006

I just received the news that Ali Hassan Al-Majid (also known as Chemical Ali) was executed yesterday in Baghdad.

While there is a staggering amount of information to be found on the web about him and his exploits, this post won’t add any. It is made simply to mark the event and then to swiftly move on.

Coral trout

This morning was an early start, well before the sun was even threatening to show its face.

Jamie, Mal (the Big M) and I scooted out to the west in an attempt to find some fish.

The boys took me to a pair of reefs that I have not been to. They were very pretty, with lots of healthy coral and fish all over the place. The large number of sharks rolling around (including a really fat grey) was excellent to see.

Mal picked up a pair of tasty Spanish Mackerel, I missed one (predictable!), and Jamie put together a mix of coral trout, amberjack and a few tasty reef species.

As always, it was a spectacular morning drifting about in the sea.


I got back home yesterday after a whirlwind trip into Central Bougainville.

Scooted down to Arawa to photograph a ceremony that Ishmael Toroama had been pivotal in organizing. Ex-combatants, families of Bougainvilleans killed during the crisis, President Tanis of the ABG, the head of the United Nations (PNG) Mr David McLachlan-Karr and representatives from various aid agencies were in attendance.

Goods for the family of Sylvester Daba

After a slight delay to the start, and then with the necessary speeches out of the way, the event focused on the loss incurred by the families of the deceased. A Domangtampo ritual was held, kastom involving the souls of the deceased. Following this the distribution of the Domangtampo items such as duku (shell money), pigs, beef and rice began. Family representatives came forward and were presented with the items by ex-BRA company commanders.

Interview: David McLachlan-Karr (head of UN PNG)

The event wrapped quite early in the afternoon, and all involved moved off toward home onboard transport organized to haul the livestock and cargo out to the villages. I got my gear under cover and cleaned it off, as mud and rain had made the day a little messy.

Then the usual 3am start back to Buka up the highway.

MGA invitation


Get along to the Monash Gallery of Art in Melbourne to see the exhibition 8 Mile: Photographs from the margins of Port Moresby.

Works by Sean Davey and Emmanuel Onom Mel (and my suspicion is that Wanpis will also have a few in there Edit: All pictures are by Davey and Onom Mel – see comments).

It is brilliant that the work created by some young people from 8 Mile (Papua New Guinea) is being shown in one of the prominent galleries in Australia that show contemporary photography.

No doubt a number of the pictures from the Port Moresby exhibition in held back in August (here) will make an appearance, plus some new work.

Zagala is curating the show, and with his strong attachment to the Pacific and proven talent in producing interesting exhibitions, this one should be a cracker.

Desperately wish I could be there to see it hanging on the walls, but distance and expense have curtailed the trip south. I will just have to watch from afar (a terrible thing to try to get a sense of a show via the web). So if you’re within striking distance, or feel like a weekend away in Melbourne, take the time later this month and get down to see this exhibition.

from Hutjena, looking to the east

Finally back into Buka via Moresby (to catch up with friends).

Work begins tonight; no rest for the stupid…

La Paz, Bolivia 2010

The saga of the dead PC seems to have FINALLY come to an end. The many hours spent ditching old hard drives, re-installing the OS and generally screaming at the thing to ‘work’… no matter how necessary it always feels like wasted time…

Apart from the computer mayhem, things are looking good. In transit back to Papua New Guinea at present, bumming around Brisbane airport and avoiding the temptation of the duty free scotch (though I’m currently going free guerilla internet outside one of the fancy member lounges, so maybe I should be avoiding the beating by airline staff).

The next six months in Bougainville will be fascinating and very busy, so hopefully some new projects will spring up out of the confusion.

In Sydney running around like crazy with a huge list of jobs to get through.

Fixing the little computer is high on the list, but will no doubt require the most amount of time… this is not going to be fun.

4am, stumbling about in Lima airport getting ready for the flight west across the Pacific (with a few detours thrown in for good luck).