the spoils



A random ‘makes-no-sense’ entry here from the elves.

It’s just a tip of the hat to those people and those moments that make you squirm with a little excitement as a silly little idea takes shape in a physical form… as it begins to sprout and even grow into something that can be held in the hand or enjoyed in a form outside your head.

Someone sat with me today and over a cup of tea (and with a smile) pointed me down the road a little further. That person would not even know much it meant to sit with tea.

Running around like a blue-arsed fly… concrete trowels and flashguns, insulation sheets and CF cards, stanley knives and birthday presents, jigsaws and pony rides, GPOs and raspberries… not a spare minute to scratch myself (thank god for help that travels and seems to have endless patience and enthusiasm for uncomfortable conditions and slow progress).

Still a wonderful weekend full of the grunt work that helps us all be out snapping pictures.

And an opportunity to spend just a short time with a crew from the Torres Strait as they danced and danced and danced… fantastic.

So it is approaching the point where I crawl towards a hot shower and bed… and the KisimP crew wishes happy days and a productive and exciting near future for all the shooters and scribblers and painters and singers and dancers and welders out there… where ever ‘there’ is.

Little man… 12 months ago to the minute (1034hrs) you arrived and turned everything on its head… everything.

If the www exists in any shape or form by the time you’re surfing (who can imagine what we’ll have by then?!) then here will sit a little snap of you less than an hour old… before your mum had even seen you.

Love to you my boy.

Rolling toward the old hometown to celebrate with dad and see tight family and friends.

Be out of touch till next week some time (no doubt brain will still be a bit scambled).

Snapping a few lazy pixchures and chillin in the cold air off the back of the mountains.

I bit the bullet and have just placed a small edit of the spoils on my website.

This is very much an ongoing piece of work… early days indeed… so this could be seen as me giving a bit of fresh air to the pictures, letting them get a bit of sun while sitting out there without my little claws keeping the snaps close to my chest. It’ll change and shuffle, pictures will be removed and pictures will be added (hell the whole thing will probably disappear on occasion when I crack the shits and pull it from view ready to burn the whole fucking thing).

We’ll see. It’s certainly a slab of work that keeps me pushing the button every day and really taking a step to stretch my legs a little and explore my new city, relationship, baby and home.

See the spoils here  or if you want to be fancy just click on the picture above.

** I’ve scheduled this to be published at the time of night when my head will be underwater chasing a lead puck around on the bottom of a pool… I figure that’s my best bet at avoiding the shrieks of laughter and scorn that these snaps will garner.