South 2010

I have messed around late at night and converted the multimedia pieces from South 2010 into little videos that all you goons can load into your iPhones, iPods, fancy little gadgets and devices that will keep you briefly amused while sitting on the bus, train or plane.

Four of them are below, ready for download.




The engineers

The last week or so has been a shocker. Lying on my back sweating, slapped around by headaches and lethargy (let alone the weird panicked sleep talking I’ve supposedly been throwing around). A little paranoid at first, thinking the evil mozzies must have got at me again, but I seem to be on the mend at present (maybe just the man-flu raising its ugly head).

The first load of contact sheets and random work prints for South 2010 went through the darkroom this afternoon. Interesting to stare at the positive versions (finally), though couldn’t allow myself to get too wrapped up in checking out individual pics, I needed to keep moving. A lot more work to do.

At this point the world does not need any more pictures from inside my darkroom, so I’ve thrown up a picture from [17] to keep the hounds at bay.

“Credit is not allowed

Don’t try and ask

Credit is the same as AIDS for a business”

You could assume from the sign that the owner of this beer store in Buin does not offer any lines of credit, nor does he appreciate people asking. The comparison with AIDS is… a little strong… but not altogether lacking in a bit of accuracy.

The tanks have started rattling around, splashing developer onto my film from down south, and my fingers are crossed as I wait out the allotted time before I can pull the negs from the reels and stare at them with knotted guts.

I have to force my way through as much film as I can manage. As always the biggest hurdle is drying the film reels quickly enough to be able to load them again for another round. I have plenty of reels, but my large tanks eat them up. Have to get this done ASAP.

Then the fun begins.

I just hit ‘send/receive’ on my email account, and the little machine is FREAKING out at the amount of messages it needs to download (oh please, please don’t catch on fire…). This is going to take all day.

I’ll begin working through them as quickly as possible and will hopefully have responded to all soon.

Apologies for any delay that may have caused headaches… but sometimes the pictures (thankfully) just can’t be found near a reliable internet connection (other than by running your own little VSAT… and that won’t ever happen on my budget!).